Women Who Drive Men Crazy

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Women Who Drive Men Crazy?
From a reader:
Hi Mimi!
The irony is that high-maintenance women often get more out of men. I know it sounds ridiculous, but high-maintenance women always seem to have men around to jump through hoops for them, while single women who can take care of themselves, that's what they get to do: take care of themselves. 
In short, the more you need a man to do for you, the more he WILL do for you.
I listen to male friends tell horror stories about the women they have been in love with.  These are great guys: intelligent, funny, successful. The women they have been with invariably combine one or more of the following traits: unpredictable, neurotic, demanding, shrill, "helpless", unsociable, manipulative, etc. And they are nowhere near as competent and independent as their men are. They definitely do not meet the standard of a confident, self-sufficient person.
Men THINK they want fun, stable, friendly, generous, giving, competent women, and then....they fall head over heels for the HM woman. 
Personally, I have always ended up taking care of my boyfriends (long story). When we split, they go out with women who are borderline nutcases (i.e., ALL of the qualities listed above: unpredictable, neurotic, etc.). Sure, they complain about it, but hey: I'm single and those women aren't.
I look around at my single girlfriends and see women who are low-maintenance, warm, giving, intelligent, fun, and self-sufficient. In the meantime, the women who can't balance a bank account, kill a spider, cope with a broken fingernail (or who might throw your clothes out the fourth floor window when you try to leave them)--those women have guys eating out of their hand. I suppose it goes back to making men feel needed. But for heaven's sake, I couldn't be that useless if I tried. Must I then be single for the rest of my life?
I am going to make a bold statement: a high-maintenance woman is more likely to have a GOOD man (not just any man: a good one) than a low-maintenance woman of equal attractiveness. At least, that is the case when I look around me.
Ladies, let that sink in.
P.S. I close this by saying that, far from resenting men, I like them more every day! So this is not an observation born out of resentment.
Yes, you are absolutely right that men will be more fascinated and enslaved by a difficult woman - if she is difficult in the right way. This subject is discussed in my programs for women.  
See the guestbook for readers' opinions on this topic.


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