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His Wife Has Changed
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His Wife Has Changed:
How Would You Advise Him?
"I'm a married man of six years with  [number withheld to protect privacy]  kids and I've read a few of your online messages and have to say I'm impressed.  I'm glad that women are interested in knowing how men think. 
"My wife is the near opposite of what I want/expect of her.  When we met, she was ambitious and independent, having her own job, small place to live, and raising her young daughter, too. 
"Since we've been married, all that has changed.  We've had children of our own and she stopped working. She stays inside our apartment every day, plays games or window shops on the internet, has gained some weight and complains about not being able to diet, and doesn't give me the mental or spiritual support I ask of her. 
"I'm always learning and understanding women a lot more.  She's always expecting me to do more in this marriage than her.  Is this to be expected in marriages?"

How Would You Advise Him? Your Opinions, Please.
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